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Rene Goudreau
Lucie Goudreau of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada feared her son, René. Tragically, she had good reason to. The man has a long history of mental illness, including bipolar disorder which must have made life with him difficult to deal with. And to make things even more difficult, Lucie Goudreau was forced by poor health to rely upon her son — something René Goudreau resented. Lucie Goudreau suffered from progressive multiple sclerosis. She was only 53 years old.

Gary Baker
Being an older broad myself, I really hate reading about crimes against the elderly. They make me feel particularly vulnerable. And the story of Gary Dale Baker terrifies me. For over 2 decades Gary Dale Baker was a police officer in Sacramento, California. For 22 years it was his job to make the citizens of that city safe. The problem was, however, that the citizens needed protection from him. There was one citizen in particular who needed protection.

George Wilcox
In the best circumstances, justice is meted out immediately. In the worst circumstances it’s not meted out at all. In the case of George Ross Wilcox, it took six long years. George Ross Wilcox, a hellbeast originally from Calgary, Canada, was an avid fisherman who worked as a computer consultant. He was also the stepfather of a severely disabled boy in Arizona. The poor child had been left blind, quadriplegic and unable to speak as the result of an accident. That was enough misfortune for a hundred lifetimes.

No mugshot
I could say a lot of bad things about Alan Troy, of Scotland, UK. I could call him a selfish, greedy bastard. I could call him a murderous, slimebucket f*ckturd. I can call him a sh*t eating woman beater. But I am above that. I shall content myself to say he is a would-be mother killer. Carol Troy, 69, of Kilbirnie, North Ayrshire is lucky to be alive. On July 21, 2015, her son, Alan Troy, visited her in her home.

Justice Robin Camp
It’s been a while since I’ve written about a judge. Alas, Justice Robin Camp, a Canadian federal court judge, has given good cause to have an article written about him here. He’s the sort of judge that alleged rapists would want to face in court, and the reason most rape victims don’t report their rapes to authorities in the first place. In 2014, alleged rapist Alexander Scott Wagar went on trial charged with the rape of a homeless 19-year-old girl. He faced then-provincial court judge Robin Camp in court.

Susan Warne
Susan Warne of Leiston, Suffolk, UK is a loser. She’s a big time loser. She’s lost everything to the game of bingo. I kid you not — she’s lost her money, other people’s money, her family’s respect, and her freaking mind! Worst of all, she’s lost every vestige of decency and humanity she might once have had. Susan Warne took up playing bingo online in 2013. She earned under £900 a month with her cleaning job, but by the end of that year she lost £1500. Did that make her stop gambling? Hell no.

Jason Schiloh Brown

Jason Schiloh Brown of Reno, Nevada makes me sick. Literally sick. I didn’t want to write about him because his crimes involve dogs. His crimes are the stuff of nightmares, so be forewarned. Jason Schiloh Brown should have had a good life. He was adopted by a wealthy couple, and was smart enough to be a presidential scholar and psychology major. He could have made contributions to society, but alas he is a hellbeast first and foremost.

Vegas Bray

Vegas Bray of San Diego County, California is the girlfriend from hell. Victor Saucedo was her unfortunate boyfriend. They had met while they were serving in the US Navy, but their romantic relationship didn’t last longer than a few months. They split up near the end of 2011, and that should have been that, but it wasn’t. Victor Saucedo and Vegas Bray broke up because she was jealous. She didn’t like him spending time with his ex-girlfriend.

Mendez and Lleydi

Colin Hernandez Mendez and Denicia Alfaro Lleydi of Greenville, South Carolina, are inhuman and inhumane hellbeasts. They didn’t murder anybody, but that’s about the only good thing.

Merel, Magidson, Nabors

Gwen Araujo of San Francisco, California met Michael Magidson, José Merél, Jaron Nabors, and Jason Cazares in the summer of 2002. She had oral sex with Michael and anal sex with Merél. She couldn’t have vaginal sex because she didn’t have a vagina – she was transgender, you see. What does that matter? Well, to Michael, José, Jaron, and Jason it mattered enough to kill her.

Louis Perez

All Brittany Killgore of Fallbrook, California wanted to do in April 2012 was move out of her apartment. She’d just filed for divorce from her husband who was deployed to Afghanistan and she wanted to move back to Pennsylvania. All she needed was some help, but what that beautiful young woman got was hell.

Steven Currence
Steven Currence of Billings, Montana scares the ever-loving crap out of me. I kid you not. And the idea that his prison sentence is only 7 years isn’t reassuring at all. The hellbeast is 65 years old right now, so hopefully when he’s released he’ll be too decrepit to realize his fondest desires — to own, rape and torture sex slaves. Steven Currence had made all kinds of preparations before his incarceration to keep a couple of sex slaves. He’d fixed up his Billings home to make it really homey.

Tony Degrafreed
Tony Degrafreed of Indianapolis, Indiana murdered his first wife. Then he murdered his second wife. That makes him purebred demon spawn and a fine specimen of a hell beast. On January 29, 1994, 26-year-old Stacy Degrafreed was murdered by her evil bastard of a husband. She’d been shot in the chest and thigh, and died during surgery. She was survived by a 3-year-old daughter.

No mugshot
Majella Lynch of Southampton, UK, was a vulnerable person. The 51-year-old had become an alcoholic after her parents died, and remained an alcoholic until the day she died. That’s not to say that she wasn’t loved. Her siblings cared very much for her. The staff of the Society of St James who provided her with domiciliary care described her as “lovely, harmless, lost soul, and also someone who was a very kind, sweet lady, greatly liked by her peers”. Still, as an alcoholic, Majella Lynch lived a lonely life on the edge. Sometimes she slept rough.

Nireah Johnson and Brandie Coleman were murdered over ten years ago, but their murders are still very relevant today. You see, Nireah was murdered because she was transgender, and Brandie was murdered for daring to be her friend. In 2003, when Nireah was 17, she and her friend Brandie were driving around with another friend in Indianapolis, Indiana, and they had the misfortune to meet Paul Moore. Paul Moore was driving around in a car driven by Curtis Ward, and they stopped in a gas station parking lot.

Lee Khair/Michael
Make no mistake, Lee Michael, formerly Lee Khair, is a cruel and sadistic hellbeast. If you read no farther just know he’s responsible for inflicting horrible injuries to a dog, and causing the deaths of a pet cat and his own 2-year-old son. He has a wicked temper and vents it upon the small, weak and vulnerable. The trouble is people don’t learn about it until it’s too late. May 29, 2002 was the day that little Ryan Franklin-Khair was killed.

Jerry Nichols
Marrying Jerry Nichols of Crest Hill, Illinois, was the worst mistake Diane Nichols ever made. She was a loving mother, a beloved sister, and a good person who put others’ needs ahead of her own. Her husband of 11 years was a murderous, monstrous hell beast. I don’t know what led up to the fatal event in January 2013, but I am certain that Diane Nichols had done nothing to deserve it. Jerry Nichols had decided months before that fateful day that he wanted his wife dead.

Muriel Melville
It would appear that I’m not finished with Scottish perverts. I’ve just done two articles about them, and now here’s a third. I’m beginning to think that Scotland in particular, and the UK in general, have way more than their fair share of sex fiends. Pedophiles come in all shapes and sizes — and ages, apparently, as evidenced by Muriel Melville (AKA Muriel Sim) of Dunfermline in Fife. She’s 73 years old, fer gawd’s sake. That’s old enough to know better.

Dina Rodrigues
Dina Rodrigues of Cape Town, South Africa is the kind of woman you don’t want to cross. Seriously, if you value your life or the lives of those you love, don’t mess with her. The only life she values is her own. Some will no doubt say that Dina Rodrigues has changed since June 2005, that she’s grown and matured.

Michael Perry
Michael Perry, 21, of Leeds, UK was feeling lonely and friendless. Aww, the poor guy. Apparently he’d been bullied in his younger years and that made him somewhat reclusive. Aww, the poor man. He began using the Internet in an attempt to make friends and have some semblance of a social life. That’s understandable, the poor fellow. And he found like-minded individuals on Internet chatrooms. He finally felt like he belonged. That’s great, right? No, that’s not great. Michael Perry is, after all, being featured on Hellbeasts.com.

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