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Naveed Ahmed
What the hell is wrong with the world these days? I know that makes me sound like an old broad but hell, that’s what I am. What I’m referring to is the appalling trend to behead people. In the news, every single day now, are reports of beheadings, threats of beheadings, and videos of beheadings. It’s not just Jihadists committing these unspeakable atrocities. An Oklahoma man beheaded a female co-worker. A Florida man beheaded his mother. “Ritualists” in Nigeria beheaded two little girls.

Jodi Russell
Jodi Russell of Halesowen, West Midlands is absolutely one of the most self-absorbed people I’ve heard about. She’s a single mother, heaven help her kids, and seems to live her life around the bizarre notion that if she ignores something bad it doesn’t exist. And what bad thing did Jodi Russell ignore? Well, she had two Staffordshire Bull Terriers locked in cages in her living room. Not a back room — the living room. Those dogs not only were not let out of the cages, they were not given any food.

Timothy TuckerTimothy Tucker, 51, of Michigan, is one evil turdpile. Already I’m calling him a nasty name but he’s deserving, believe me. He’s a woman beater and a dog killer. If you still think I’m being too judgmental, move on. I’m going to get a whole lot more judgmental. Timothy Tucker, the dog killing f*cker, had a history of battering women. Before the November 2014 incident, he’d been convicted 3 times for domestic violence, and once for illegal entry and destruction of property. He also has been convicted of other illegal acts.

William Paul Cisneros
William Paul Cisneros, 51, of Coos Bay, Oregon, is probably feeling very sorry for himself right now. And so he should — he’s got 600 months of prison time ahead of him. If he serves the entire sentence, he’ll be 101 years old when he gets out. And the only way he won’t serve the entire sentence is if he dies first. Awww, the poor widdle hell beast. I don’t feel sorry for William Cisneros, not one jot. I do feel bad for his victim.

Shawn Ryan Grell
Since I began this blog in September 2011, I have written about 500 articles. I have despised and detested every one of the 500+ hellbeasts posted here, but I must admit there are some that truly give me nightmares, such as Yves Bureau, Darick Stallworth and Li Hao. I’ve just encountered another that I suspect will haunt me in my dreams. Shawn Ryan Grell of Maricopa County, Arizona is an abomination. He may have a human exterior, but inside he is a heartless, soulless beast. His true colours showed early in his life. He killed his pet cat.

Marc Partridge
Look closely at this face, ladies. It belongs to Marc Partridge of Accrington, UK. He is a convicted rapist. He is not a fellow you want to get close to. Marc Partridge won’t be showing his face around Accrington for a few years because he’s incarcerated right now. He is where he belongs, IMO, and in the opinion of those women who had been attacked. Marc Partridge, 28, wants to be a PE teacher! Right, like any school would hire a convicted him now.

Markiece and Dina Palmer
Dina Palmer, née Harris, originally of Illinois, was having a crisis of faith in 2011. And then she went on the Internet. And lo! she found her faith renewed by one Markiece Palmer. The man had gotten her to believe that Jesus had died for their sins, hallelujah! After a month of online courtship, Dina moved to California to marry him.

Roland McKoy
To call Roland McKoy, of Hackney, east London, a hellbeast is an understatement. His sick, twisted and evil nature is such that I am tempted to label him the devil himself. I cannot actually conceive of an adjective that adequately describes this monster. ‘Loathsome’, ‘vile’ and ‘despicable’ just don’t convey the degree of blazing contempt I have for this creature.
Roland McKoy is a cowardly murderer. His victims were his girlfriend and their baby girl.

Laura and Kenneth Grad
Not everyone is cut out to be a good parent. I should know because I’ve literally written about hundreds of hellbeastly parents who have killed or nearly killed their offspring.

Thomas Fleming and Autumn Ash
Here we go again! A couple of hellbeastly pedophiles meet, begin a relationship and then begin to rape and molest children together to spice up their sex lives. Damnation! How the hell do these monsters even meet? How do they find each other? The pedos I’m writing about are Thomas Fleming and Autumn Ash of Florida.

Savannah Humphrey
On June 12, 2013, 3-month-old Evianna Burke of Clarksville, Tennessee, nearly died. She’d started the day a happy, healthy, cooing baby as evidenced by the video her babysitter had recorded at 12:45 pm. At 2:03 pm 9-1-1 was called, and minutes later emergency workers were working vigorously to save her life. She was cool to the touch and not breathing at that point. So what the hell happened between 12:45 and 2:03 that day? Hell happened, that’s what. Baby Evianna was put through absolute hell.

Christian Ferdinand
Shaniesha Forbes was a smart and pretty 14-year-old from Brooklyn, NY. And like a whole lot of 14-year-olds she had a Facebook account. Being such an attractive girl she attracted male attention, unfortunately from one particular adult male — Christian Ferdinand. He was 20, and unlike most adult males he didn’t have any problem with targeting an underage girl. I’m sure Shaniesha Forbes was thrilled to have an older boyfriend — a “forbidden love” that she kept secret from her family.

Luka Magnotta
The time has come to write about Canadian hellbeast Luka Rocco Magnotta. It’s an ugly story about a heinous crime committed by a subhuman creature completely lacking in the human qualities of compassion, empathy, and morality. Luka Magnotta had changed his name in 2006. I guess he wanted something splashier than plain old Eric Clinton Newman. He was originally from Scarborough, Ontario but had visions of being a jet setting playboy. He wanted to be famous, or infamous — made no difference to him.

Roger Owens
I’ll start off by telling you that the dog lived. It’s a terrible, horrible story, and if you’re anything like me you want to know about the dog’s fate before you read all the terrible, horrible facts. She lives. The fact she lives is no thanks to Roger Dennis Owens of Marietta, South Carolina. The dog is called Andra Grace. She was a young pit bull whose owners got tired of neighbours’ complaints that she was roaming around, begging for food. Her owners could have tried to find her a new home.

Nikolas Stefanatos
Nikolas Stefanatos, of Brossard, Quebec, is not merely a lousy boyfriend. He’s a dangerous boyfriend. Tanya St-Arnauld found that out the hardest way possible. In August 2012, Tanya St-Arnauld and Nikolas Stefanatos had some arguments. Every couple on this planet argues, so it should have been no big deal. Couples argue and make up, or they argue and break up. Life goes on either way. On August 26, 2012, Nikolas Stefanatos didn’t want to make up.

RIP Elsie
I do not have Anthony Christie’s photo. I do not have his girlfriend, Kirsty Marie Henderson’s photo either. What I do have are photos of their dog, Elsie — photos that seriously make me cry. Anthony Christie, 41, of Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, UK, had had Elsie, a Rottweiler, for 13 years. Maybe he loved her when she was a pup. Maybe he even loved her when she was a young dog. But there’s no goddamn way you can make me believe he loved her at 13. Anthony Christie, a grown-ass man with 3 kids, was fed up with Elsie.

Steven Alcorn
Steven Edward Alcorn of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, disgusts me. I should hope he disgusts most people. His lawyer would like us to think that he’s made great strides in his rehabilitation, but we’re talking about a sexual sadist here. Do they change? Can they change? I doubt it. Admittedly I’m not an expert in sexual sadists and their mental processes, but I do know how to read. In the book “Forensic Mental Health Assessment of Children and Adolescents” the experts wrote, “No reliable psychotherapeutic treatment exists for sexual sadism.”

Jolly Tumuhiirwe
Jolly Tumuhiirwe of Uganda is precisely not the sort of person you’d want to hire to care for your baby. Unfortunately, her employers, Eric Kamanzi and Angella Mbabazi, found that out the hard way. Thank gawd for nanny cams! Jolly Tumuhiirwe, 22, was hired to care for 18-month-old Arnella Kamanzi. It wasn’t long before the parents noticed bruising on their precious daughter. They did the sensible thing — they installed a security camera to record their daughter and the nanny. On November 15, 2014, Eric Kamanzi returned to his residence.

Flores and Sugg
I consider the employees of the Marinello School of Beauty in Victorville, California to be heroes. They saved 3 children from abuse, torture and possible death. Kudos to them! The Marinello School of Beauty employees were on the ball on May 16, 2014, when Erik Austin Flores, 30, and his girlfriend Mariah Rita Sugg, 22, brought his three young children to the school.

Emma Frampton
I’ve recently learned that crime does pay in Bradford, England — at least for thieving bookkeepers. The particular thieving bookkeeper I’m writing about is Emma Frampton, whose sticky fingers nearly gutted her employer, Yorkshire Plating Services. You’re probably wondering why I’m spending my time writing about a crooked bookkeeper instead of another evil baby beater or rapist or murderer. I do admit it’s a change.

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