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Arthur Morgan III
Arthur Morgan III thinks he’s “da shit”. Just look at his smug mug — he probably thinks that wearing a snazzy suit makes him god’s gift to the ladies. But Arthur Morgan III isn’t “da shit”. He is partially correct though — he’s shit. Him in a snazzy suit is as classy as a pile of pig dung. You may gather that I don’t think much of Arthur Morgan III. I don’t. And I don’t think anyone should think much of him at all.

Bruce Hamilton
Some nasty things were happening on the Navajo Reservation in New Mexico. It seems that Bruce Hamilton, now 77, had a liking for sex with minors. Ewwwww. Trouble for him was it was hard to find any minors who were actually willing to have sex with him. And, of course, sex with minors is against the law! The old man Bruce Hamilton was a non-native who lived on the Navajo Reservation in Shiprock.

Robert Bill
Robert Bill, a former teacher from Wales, is a pernicious, predatory pedophile and kidnapper. That’s the bad news. The 59-year-old pedo perv has been sentenced to 20 years in prison. That’s the good news. Robert Bill, a Jehovah’s Witness from St Asaph, Wales, worked as a teacher and a playground designer. I, for one, am not surprised he chose occupations that allowed him to get into close proximity to children.

Marissa DeVault
Dale Harrell, 34, of Phoenix, Arizona, didn’t stand a chance. On January 14, 2009 his wife and the mother of his children, Marissa Suzanne DeVault, decided he must die. And she did her level best to make that happen as horrifically and brutally as possible. Dale Harrell’s 9-year marriage to Marissa Suzanne DeVault was turbulent. They fought verbally and physically, often in front of the kids.

Jorge Torrez
Jorge Torrez of Zion, Illinois started raping and murdering girls and young women very early in life. I don’t know if he came out of the womb evil, but he certainly didn’t wait for adulthood to show his monstrous, hellbeastly nature. Jorge Torrez is now only 25, and he is already serving 5 consecutive life sentences plus 168 years.

Jason Hann and Krissy Werntz
Krissy Lynn Werntz and Jason Michael Hann are two of the most vile child abusers and murderers I’ve added to this site. They are hellbeasts in the truest form, and belong in the deepest depths of hell, IMO. The first victim of this evil pair was their baby boy, Jason. That helpless infant lived to be 6 weeks old, and he suffered horribly from abuse.

Matthew Foerster
In the words of her grieving mother, Taylor Van Diest was an “awesome, awesome girl. She was just loved by so many people. She just had a way about her.” Taylor Van Diest sounds like she was a young woman worth knowing, whose friendship was worth cultivating.

Isaac Aguigui
Isaac Aguigui is only 22 but is responsible for taking 4 lives. He is a power-hungry, arrogant, amoral, little snotnose who is willing to sacrifice anyone for his insane personal agenda. Isaac Aguigui was a private in the US Army stationed in Fort Stewart in Georgia. He was also the ringleader of FEAR (Forever Enduring, Always Ready), militia.

William Dhondt
William Dhondt, 29, of Farmington, Michigan, has a good old excuse for killing his girlfriend, Kaitlin Hehir: it was ALL HER FAULT! It had to be since he’s such a good guy, an Eagle Scout fer gawd’s sake. And she was drunk and bitchy so she totally asked for it. That’s William Dhondt’s version of reality. Which is the misogynistic asshole version of reality.

Arnold James Somers
Arnold James Somers, 71, is a parent’s worst nightmare. He is a successful, predatory pedophile. His targets were boys — not troubled or neglected boys, but boys who enjoyed the love, caring and protection of their families. This particular pedophile had retired from the RCMP as a staff sergeant — an achievement that made him appear to the world, and his victims’ families, as an upstanding and trustworthy individual.

Jordan Graham
Now when I gave my then-husband the push, it was a push out the door and out of my life. We divorced and went on living our own lives separately and much more happily. When Jordan Linn Graham of Montana gave her husband the push, it was a push off a cliff. She survived, but her unfortunate husband, Cody Johnson, did not. Jordan Graham literally left the poor guy dead or dying at the bottom of a cliff in Glacier National Park.

Alyssa Bustamante
Elizabeth Kay Olten of Jefferson City, Missouri, was a 4th grade student at Pioneer Trails Elementary School. She loved horses, baking cookies and doing puzzles with her mom. She enjoyed dressing up her pets. Her favourite music was by Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift. She sounds like she was a delightful girl who would have grown into a delightful woman if she’d had the chance. But that chance was taken away from her on October 21, 2009.

Jane Doe 6580
On July 22, 1990, a couple of children were looking for berries in a remote area of Monroe Township in Clarion County, Pennsylvania. The kids spotted something in a stream and at first thought it was a dead deer. Being curious they decided to investigate and discovered that it was a dead woman. She was lying face down in the water. Authorities determined that this woman had been murdered and her body dumped there a month or so previously.

Shawn Corbally
Shawn Lawrence Corbally of Indiana is a violent, evil, serial rapist. In 2000 he brutally beat and raped a woman in Indianapolis and then threw her naked out of a car. The poor victim had to run to a nearby house and beg for help. Shawn Corbally was sentenced to 25 years in prison for that vicious rape.

Janice Deutsch
I wouldn’t trust Janice Susan Deutsch of La Cresta, Riverside County, California, to look after a goldfish. Come to think of it, I wouldn’t even trust her to look after a pet rock. Janice Susan Deutsch, IMO, is not emotionally, mentally or spiritually equipped to look after anyone or anything. Janice Deutsch was already facing a charge of animal cruelty.

Patrick Ray Haney Jr
Trenton Lewis St. Clair was murdered in September 2011. He was only 4 years old. Insert some very bad words here for me because I am fed up with young children being killed. And big freaking surprise — the mother’s boyfriend did it. Patrick Ray Haney Jr. of Point Marion, Pennsylvania, is the murderer. Heather Louise Forsythe brought him into her son’s life.

James and Kijua Beaudrie
I must confess that when I first saw James Julius Beaudrie’s mug shot I thought, damn, that’s one fugly, repugnant man! I still think that, especially now I know what kind of man he is. James Julius Beaudrie of Des Moines, Iowa, is a low-life, abusive and incestuous child molester.

Jane Doe 8175 Skull
I found another skull photo of an unidentified Jane Doe. Surprisingly, this time there was no forensic sketch made. Maybe Detroit has too many unidentified bodies to create sketches for every single one. So here I go doing my bit to help out. This unfortunate woman was found in an alley in Detroit on March 26, 2009. The address was 12933 St. Louis Street. The remains were partially skeletal, partially mummified.

Bruce Nozolino
The nicest thing one can say about Bruce Nozolino of Colorado Springs, Colorado, is that he’s a vicious, arrogant, violent bully. He seems to be proud of himself for being that way. It wouldn’t surprise me if he, as a child, made life a daily hell for weaker children. It wouldn’t surprise me if he abused animals while he was growing up. Bruce Nozolino is mean and cruel, and probably always has been.

Michael Jacques
Murderous pedophile Michael Stephen Jacques gets to live until he dies of natural causes. That’s more than can be said of his victim, 12-year-old Brooke Bennett. She died a horrible, cruel, senseless death in 2008 at the hands of Michael Stephen Jacques, her uncle. That’s right, her own uncle murdered her — after he drugged her and raped her.

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