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Johra Kaleki
My own mother, R.I.P., wasn’t perfect, but I considered her wonderful. She never yelled at us, or insulted us. She didn’t spank us or ground us. She was quiet, considerate and thoughtful, and she made our home life comfortable and stable. There was no drama or trauma in our household, save for sibling rivalry, and Mom could settle us down with “the look”. She expected us to be the best and do the best we could. I truly wish everyone could have a childhood like mine.

Argentine judges Horacio Piombo & Benjamin Sal Llargués
I am admittedly outraged by the outrageous actions and attitudes of Argentinian judges Horacio Piombo and Benjamin Sal Llargués, and I think everyone should be. These two imbeciles are of the opinion that child victims of sexual abuse are to blame for being raped.

Joseph Wehage
Joseph William Wehage, aka Joseph William Brestler, of Portland, Oregon, had a history of sex crimes. In 1997, when he was 23, he was convicted of possessing child pornography, and was ordered to register as a sex offender. In 1998, he was convicted of 2nd-degree encouraging child sexual abuse and attempted 2nd-degree sodomy. He was sentenced to a whopping 6 months in jail. In 1999, he was convicted of 3rd-degree sexual abuse and was sentenced to only 60 days in jail.

Susan Monica
See this here woman? And yes, that is a woman, I promise you. She’s crazy, and not in a nice way. She’s psycho killer crazy, and she definitely belongs on this site. She’s a hell beast. The woman is Susan Monica, a pig farmer and welder from southern Oregon, US. She lived in squalor on her 20-acre Wimer area property. She didn’t have running water or proper sewage facilities. Ewww.

Mark Jones

Sarah Jones of Pontnewyyd, south Wales, UK, didn’t realize it but her father, Mark Jones, had done her a big favour by walking out of her life when she was a child. Why? Because he’s a monstrous hellbeast, that’s why. Growing up without her father was likely difficult, so when Sarah Jones grew up she decided to reconnect with him. In 2011 she tracked him down and invited him back into her life. No doubt she wishes with every fibre of her being that she hadn’t.

Louis, Pack and Sanchez
I know that I’m sounding repetitive, but life is SO UNFAIR that some people who would make wonderful parents can’t have children, yet others who are downright evil, depraved hellbeasts are as fertile as f*ck. Life is SO UNFAIR that most children have wonderful childhoods but others are condemned to hell on earth with majorly f*cked up families.

Victoria Henneberry and Blake Leggette
Loretta Saunders, a 26-year-old Inuk woman from Labrador, Canada, had worked hard to get her life on track. She’d dropped out of high school in Grade 9, and had moved to Montreal, Quebec where she lived the life of a homeless drug addict. After substance abuse treatment, she moved back home and decided to finish her education.

Diane and James Davy

Poor Viola Simonds, she deserved so much better. The elderly former nurse from Ontario, Canada had made the horrible decision to give her daughter, Diane (aka Diana) Davy, power of attorney over her affairs. That pretty much signed her death warrant.

Stuart Young
Stuart Young of Edinburgh, Scotland must be sweating bullets right now. He is waiting to hear his sentence, and odds are good he won’t get any lenience. The big day is May 28, 2015, and I for one am hoping he’ll never see the light of day again. And why am I hoping for that outcome? Because Stuart Young is a baby raping pedophile of the worst sort.

Christian Fahnoe
As you like have surmised, I am indeed a judgmental person. I don’t pretend to be otherwise. I get particularly judgmental when I’m writing about individuals who subject the most vulnerable among us — children, animals, the elderly and handicapped people — to needless pain and suffering. Christian Jorgen Fahnoe of James Island, South Carolina, is one of those individuals, so I’m going to get all judgmental.

Elliott Reynolds
So who’s our hellbeast of the day? It turns out that Elliott James Reynolds of Muncie, Indiana is our winner. Because he’s a total, complete loser. His crimes speak volumes about the kind of sick, twisted, sadistic bastard he is. In January 2013, Elliott Reynolds’ ex-girlfriend contacted the police because he’d been posting dozens of nude photos of her online. This nasty stupidity was in violation of the protection order she got.

Shayna Hubers
Shayna Hubers of Kentucky is the obsessive girlfriend from hell. Ryan Poston found that out the hardest way possible. Theirs was a tumultuous relationship, with Shayna Hubers wanting a commitment and Ryan Poston wanting out. The woman just wouldn’t buy a clue! I can see what she saw in him. Ryan Poston was a good-looking guy, and a lawyer with his own practice focusing on personal injury cases. He was a real catch, but he didn’t want to be caught by her.

David Pyles
Rushville, Ohio, as of the 2010 census, has a population of 302. What are the odds that one of those was a hellbeast? Unfortunately for the citizens of Rushville, they had a child raping pedophile hellbeast in their midst. His name is David A. Pyles. On December 15, 2014, deputies were called to the Pyles home to investigate the sexual assault of an 11-year-old girl. David Pyles’ wife of 30 years had actually caught the pedo bastard in the act! That good woman did the right thing.

Wilson Clorina
I used to have a relative who would say, “Good things happen to good people.” She was SO WRONG! Terrible, horrible, evil, nasty things happen to good people. Being good doesn’t spare anyone from all possible harm. Chona Manzano of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and her 5-year-old son, Gabrial, were good people. The Manzano family lived in a nice home on Evanspark Circle NW. Chona Manzano was happily married.

Joanne Quinn
I have said previously that taking care of an elderly parent is a difficult choice that comes with economic, social, emotional and physical costs. Caregiving is definitely not for everyone. The role should not be foisted upon somebody through guilt trips or familial pressures, because that will cause resentment and anger, and will tear families apart. Rather, a caregiver should embrace the role willingly and being cognizant of hard times and hard work ahead.

Shawn McCormack
I just can’t say it enough: pedophiles are sneaky predators who often cloak themselves in the guise of friendly, helpful, community-spirited people. They often choose professions that give them access to children and respectability in society. They can be anybody, and usually it takes a trail of victims for authorities to track them down. Shawn McCormack of Colorado is a predatory pedophile. His gambit to get his filthy, pervy paws on children was to befriend their parents. In 2008, he made friends with a couple in Bakersfield.

Margaret Cole
I know it’s not always possible for people to care for their elderly family members themselves. It’s a tough, heart-wrenching situation, and very often the best solution is to employ a caregiver. I know that the vast majority of caregivers are diligent, respectful and professional. Many go above and beyond for their elderly clients. But then there are those like Margaret Lee Cole of Washago, Ontario, Canada. She is an absolute nightmare of a caregiver who used her position of trust to enrich herself no matter what it took.

Wei Wang
Jealousy is a terrible thing, and can make people do terrible things. A Richmond, British Columbia couple found that out the hard way when a terrible thing was done to their baby boy. In February 2013, the new parents had their sleep disrupted by the screams of their 7-week-old baby boy. Not being able to figure out what was distressing their tiny infant, and finding themselves unable to comfort him, the couple rushed him to the local hospital. The examining doctor checked out the baby boy, and made a startling discovery.

Kevin Bollaert
Kevin Bollaert is a total crybaby. He’s crying because he got slammed by the justice system, which is exactly what he deserved. He’s crying because he didn’t want to face the consequences of his extremely bad actions. He’s crying because he’s been exposed as a sleazy, misogynistic pervert who extorted the victims of his disgusting revenge porn website. Kevin Bollaert of San Diego, California, had a lucrative scheme going with his websites.

Ormond Beach Jane Doe 3-D facial reconstruction
Well, old Cleo here has been in her glory. Thanks to Sgt. Thoman of the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office, I have in my possession skull photos of an unidentified murder victim. You know what that means — a new facial reconstruction effort by yours truly! I can’t begin to express how excited I’ve been. This Jane Doe was discovered on April 23, 1990 in Volusia County, Florida.

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