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Nadine Harris
Nadine Sapp Harris of Florida, USA is one scary broad. I kid you not. I’d sure as hell hate to have her mad at me. As it was, she was mad at her ex-husband. I don’t pretend to know what on earth had happened to make her absolutely murderous, but the fact is she was fully prepared to kill the man. Nadine Sapp Harris is nothing if she’s not thorough. She had a plan and she was meticulous in carrying it out.

Cauchis and live bait rabbit

The Four Corners live baiting scandal in Sydney, Australia made me absolutely sick when it happened. Actually it continues to sicken me, but at least there have been legal repercussions for some of the heartless, soulless participants.

Jose Flores

Jose Flores of San Pablo, California, USA is more disgusting than an oozing wart on a pig’s testicle. That’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it. That’s my opinion of all pedophiles, and Jose Flores is definitely one of those. His long-time girlfriend, Juana Alejandra Damian, is the mother of his victim. Jose Flores began sexually abusing the little girl when she was only 4 years old back in 2008.

Anthony Bruce

Anthony Bruce of Billingham, Teesside, UK, got off way too easy IMO. Of course, IMO, dog torturers and dog killers should spend a long, long time in prison. I feel the same way about people who deliberately torture any animal, but in this case Anthony Bruce’s victim was a puppy. Now why would Anthony Bruce torture and kill a puppy? Because he was jealous.

James Province
I feel so bad for Jason Province of Sarnia, Ontario, Canada. The young man has had to deal with stuff that nobody should have to deal with. He has, I’m sure, gone through hell — a hell caused by his father, James Province. James Province and his estranged wife, Joanne Underhill, were going through a divorce. It was nasty. James Province ranted on and on about the money his ex was getting out of him and how much the lawyers were costing.

Clint Williamson
The FBI has been working on investigating and shutting down secure Internet bulletin boards that are dedicated to the exchange of child pornography and allowing pedophiles to contact one another. Kudos to the FBI. In 2013 the FBI accessed and dismantled a Maryland-based pedo website which boasted 7,712 members. I seriously hope all 7,712 pedo pervs have been exposed and prosecuted. Clint Andrews Williamson was one of those members.

Anthony Matthews
Anthony Matthews has earned his moniker “The Beast of Brooklyn”. He never really was a decent human being judging from his criminal history. As a teenager he’d served 18 months in a juvenile facility on a weapons charge. As an adult he’d spent 12 years in Attica prison for shooting a man in an elevator. He’d been denied parole 4 times because, in the words of the parole board, “there is a reasonable probability [Anthony Matthews] would not live and remain and liberty without violating the law.”

Jeannie Carpenter and James Kirksey
Jeannie Mae Carpenter and James John Kirksey are a lovely pair — of pedophiles. The couple from Belmont County, Ohio, won’t be able to continue being a couple — they’ve been separated by circumstances. Those circumstances of course involve prison.

Cody Baker, Anna Steele

Anna Steele of Columbia, Missouri didn’t deserve to have baby Finley. That’s my opinion. The minute she decided to bring her boyfriend Cody Marshall Baker into Finley’s life, she should’ve just handed that precious infant to someone else to love and care for.

Joshua Keyzer

There is something terribly, horribly, and very frighteningly wrong with Joshua Keyzer of Wayland Township, Michigan, USA. On the surface he looks normal. He was considered a polite, caring, intelligent boy. At 15 years of age he was living part time in his grandma’s home. And then on June 21, 2014, Joshua Keyzer morphed from an ordinary kid into an extraordinarily evil creature. Kassandra Keyzer, 21, was a student at Aquinas College.

Chyanne Powell and Caylen Candy

British girls Caylen Candy and Chyanne Powell may have girly names but they certainly have hellbeastly natures. Alcohol was a factor in their crimes, but I believe it only acted to release the beast within these two nasty creatures.

Alexis Cave and Darius Virger
Thirteen-month-old Diarra Nicole Chappell didn’t stand a chance. No chance at all, really.

Richard Brittain
Richard Brittain of Palgrave, Bedford, UK, is a pathetic, vindictive and very scary individual. He was once a champion of the British TV game show “Countdown”, but in all other aspects of his life he is a loser. A hellbeastly loser, IMO. Richard Brittain expends so much time, so much energy and so much thought on all the activities that make him a loser that I suspect he’s aiming for championship class. I myself am willing to confer on the pathetic asshole the title of Grand Champion Loser. Richard Brittain is a stalker.

Cleo the artist
The Medical Examiner’s Office of Volusia County, Florida, has been keeping me busy with facial reconstructions. I haven’t been given express permission to publish all of the cases I’ve done, but I have found some of them posted on the NamUs website. NamUs is the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System. Considering my work is posted there, I consider it only fair that I post them here as well.

David Etzel
I know that being drunk releases a person’s inhibitions and greatly impairs judgment. Some people become gregarious, promiscuous and silly, but others become belligerent, destructive and mean. David Etzel of Florida is one of the mean drunks. I have no patience or sympathy for drunks in general, and mean drunks in particular. After even one bout of inflicting destruction and harm those people should recognize that they ought to stay away from alcohol.

Shaun Deacon
Shaun Joshua Deacon is on the streets of British Columbia again. Damn. He’s been described as one of Canada’s most notorious child molesters and he’s free. Even though he’s been assessed by the Correctional Service of Canada as a high risk to reoffend, he’s out. Damn. However, given his track record of 15 parole violations, there’s every likelihood that he won’t be out for long. Shaun Deacon’s criminal record as a predatory pedophile extends back to the 1980s, when he sexually assaulted 4 young children.

Yuan Xi Tang
Yuan Xi Tang is one cowardly shitpile of the dog turd persuasion. And if I hurt his feelings to say that, good! I only hope that all who encounter him in the future will recognize his supreme, craven shittiness. So why am I so down on this snot-nosed assbag? Because he killed his mom. The mom who spoiled him. The mom who wanted the best for him. The mom who sacrificed a lot for him.

Richard Soto
Richard Soto of Middletown, Pennsylvania, USA is a POS pedo pervert, and his nameless girlfriend is a POS pedo pervert enabler. The victim was the young daughter of the girlfriend — a very brave individual who deserves a much better life than she’s gotten so far. Richard Soto began sexually assaulting the girl in various ways when she was 6 years old. He didn’t stop. In 2013, when the girl was 8, she told her mother what the pedo bastard was doing to her.

Jacqueline Namata

Hell hath no wrath like Jacqueline Numata scorned. Indeed, her wrath comes complete with gift wrap. Her acts of revenge come signed with a bow on top. The person toward whom she directed her wrath was her estranged husband, Takeshi Numata. The scale of her wrath was beyond measuring. Jacqueline Numata wanted and tried to destroy her ex’s life. The Numata marriage was not a happy, peaceful sort, and their divorce and child custody battle was nasty beyond reason.

Bradley and Jennifer Jensen

F*cking hell, I found another pedo pair of perverts. How do they find each other? Seriously, do they emit some kind of aura that only pervs can detect? Too bad sniffer dogs can’t be trained to pick them out of a crowd. Today’s pair is Bradley and Jennifer Jensen.

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