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Stevie Michael Irwin
OK, this is a ridiculously short story in the telling, with not much in the way of details. Still, it’s the story of a hellbeast who most deservedly belongs on this site. Stevie Michael Irwin, of Knox County, Tennessee, is a pedophile. In fact he is now a convicted pedophile. On August 27, 2014 the 37-year-old hellbeast was found guilty of 2 counts of rape of a child, 2 counts of attempted rape of a child, 1 count of aggravated sexual battery, and 1 count of incest.

Cathy Lentini
Beulah Dickerson of Raleigh, North Carolina, lived to the ripe old age of 91. Tragically, she didn’t die of old age. The much-loved mother and grandmother died of blunt force trauma. What a horrible end to such a long, productive life. Beulah Dickerson had raised a family which is hard work when done right. In retirement she enjoyed teaching Sunday school and gardening. I gather she was proud of her rose bushes. She lived in her west Raleigh home at 160 Pineland Circle for over 40 years.

Loren Fothergill and Nicholas Murdoch
In October 2008, Loren Marita Fothergill and Nicholas James Murdoch of Brisbane, Australia became a couple. They had a lot in common, apparently. Both came from broken, dysfunctional homes. And both are pedophiles. I’m starting to think there must be a dating site out there for perverts, maybe pervhookup.com, or connectingpedos.com. It’s just appalling to me how many pedophiles I research manage to find themselves a partner.

Gemma Killeen
Gemma Gaye, what a pretty name. It’s the kind of name a mother would give to her infant daughter with visions of her growing up to be pretty, bright and very happy. It’s a name for a princess. Too bad it’s the name of a murderous hellbitch from Perth, Australia. Gemma Gaye Killeen did grow up to be pretty. I think, because she was an assistant accountant, she grew up to be bright. And she could have been happy, but she wasn’t — likely because she considered herself a princess. I think she expected a perfect princess life.

Amanda Arellano
Yet again I am left to wonder how hellbeasts find each other. Daniel Kelly Copeland of Fort Valley, Georgia, is a drug-using pedophile. His girlfriend, Amanda Dianne Arellano of Knoxville, is likewise a drug-using pedophile. A perfect match! He brought to the relationship his penis, and she brought to the relationship her daughters. Sick bastards! It seems that Daniel Kelly Copeland likes to blame the illegal drugs they took for making them both horny for young girls.

Darren Morgan
I really feel very bad for the people of Oombulgurri. The small community in Australia’s Northern Territory was located in an extremely remote spot, accessible mostly by plane — by road only during the dry season. Oombulgurri used to be the Forrest River mission, but that closed in 1969 and the community was abandoned. It didn’t stay abandoned, however. In 1973, people began moving back.

Jose Aguilar

Jennifer Reedy of Richland, Washington, has received a whole lot of online hate and blame. I found it quite shocking what individuals have said about her, from calling her a brain dead slut to a traitor to her race. Her biggest crime to the majority of these hate-filled individuals was not that she’d been living with a pedophile who killed her baby, but rather that she’d been living with a non-white illegal alien who killed her baby. Regardless of the racists, Jennifer Reedy’s boyfriend had killed her baby, Serenity Jade.

Justin Bourque
Justin Christien Bourque has just done Canada a favour — he pled guilty to 3 counts of 1st-degree murder and 2 counts of attempted murder. I, for one, am relieved that we will be spared a big show of insanity pleas and victim blaming. He is guilty, and he has acknowledged he’s guilty, and now hopefully he shall be put away for life.

Stephen McDaniel

Lauren Teresa Giddings did not stand a chance. The beautiful young woman, who had just graduated from Mercer University’s law school, had no idea that a fellow graduate was obsessed with her. She had no idea that Stephen Mark McDaniel, her next-door neighbour at Barristers Hall apartments, was spying on her, stalking her, and planning horrible things for her. Lauren Giddings was a beautiful person who was very friendly and outgoing.

Tabetha Van Holtz and Steven Gallegos
A month before Leland Valdez turned 3, his father, Andrew Valdez, discovered that the toddler’s body was covered in bruises. Naturally he asked the boy what had happened. His reply was, “My (mommy) hit me.”

Charles Reed Black
When Lisa and Charles Reed Black got divorced in 2013, you could only be surprised it took so long. They’d only been married for 9 years, but if I were Lisa I’d have dumped her ex back in 2011 — when he tried to kill her. Yup, it’s true — Charles Reed Black did his level best to murder his wife in April 2011. He pushed her off a cliff after he hit her on the head with a rock.

Ronald Dimambro Jr
The story is depressingly similar to so many others on this site. A toddler lies dead or near death after being severely beaten and the live-in boyfriend of the mother is charged with the crime. So is it just me who thinks this happens just too damn much? Nope. I checked the statistics. In 2011, the third leading cause of death for toddlers in the U.S. was homicide!

Guest Writer Daphne
According to a 2011 report by the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS), an estimated 217, 331 rapes and sexual assaults were committed in the U.S. that year alone. That statistic is shocking enough, but even more so when one recognizes that incidents of rape or sexual assault are notoriously under-reported, and that prior to 2013, the FBI’s instructions to law enforcement as to the definition of rape were limited to “carnal knowledge of a female…”

Michael Richardson
Michael Eugene Richardson murdered 3 people, and almost murdered another. If anyone deserves the death penalty, he does. In 1975, James Johnson was a cab driver in North Carolina. He had the horrible misfortune of having Michael Eugene Richardson as a fare. He wasn’t, of course, to know that his passenger had recently been discharged from Pope Air Force Base and was now armed and dangerous.

Juan Olmos
Eighteen-year-old Juan Olmos is no longer a threat to the women of Fort Worth, Texas. That’s because he’s in prison for the rest of his unnatural life. And that’s exactly where he deserves to be. Juan Olmos is a rapist and a would-be murderer. On July 30, 2013, this young, stupid, POS bastard broke into his neighbour’s home. He was armed with a knife and duct tape, and he was naked from the waist down.

Shawn Bansfield
Canadian hellbeast Shawn Bansfield is a bad man. He knows he’s a bad man which is why he uses the names Rene Shawn Bansfield, Shawn Rene St. Denis-Bansfield, Justin Michael Ryan, Ryan Windover, Justin Michael Bansfield, Justin Rene, Shawn St. Denis, and Rene Mansfield.

Green, McDonagh, Smith
Kevin McDonagh, Dean Smith and Paris Green are convicted murderers. Robert Shankland was their unfortunate victim. That’s the short version. The long version is a lot harder to deal with. Robert Shankland, 46, of Fife, Scotland, is described by his family as “a caring person”.

Scott Garrett
Twin toddlers Logan and Olivia had a rough start to life. Their mother, Angela Ozuna, had a history of drug abuse and prison sentences. She was a neglectful mother, thanks mostly, IMO, to the drugs. There was no electricity or running water in the hovel where they lived. There was no fresh good or milk for the babies. There was, however, an abusive asshole boyfriend who beat Angela Ozuna in front of the twins.

Nicky Anderson
Nicky Lee Anderson of Catawba County, North Carolina, is a pedophile. His victim was a mere 10 years old when she was first raped by this disgusting hellbeast. That was in December 2011. The poor young girl was raped by him yet again in January 2013. There were very likely additional sexual assaults that took place.

Michael Richardson
Lookee what we have here. Another pedophile who has so thoughtfully covered his face and body with tattoos. I love when they do that because it makes them so very identifiable. I hope it becomes a trend with all perverts. Michael Richardson, of Union Township, Ohio, is a pedophile — an incestuous pedophile to be exact.

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