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Steven Alcorn
Steven Edward Alcorn of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, disgusts me. I should hope he disgusts most people. His lawyer would like us to think that he’s made great strides in his rehabilitation, but we’re talking about a sexual sadist here. Do they change? Can they change? I doubt it. Admittedly I’m not an expert in sexual sadists and their mental processes, but I do know how to read. In the book “Forensic Mental Health Assessment of Children and Adolescents” the experts wrote, “No reliable psychotherapeutic treatment exists for sexual sadism.”

Jolly Tumuhiirwe
Jolly Tumuhiirwe of Uganda is precisely not the sort of person you’d want to hire to care for your baby. Unfortunately, her employers, Eric Kamanzi and Angella Mbabazi, found that out the hard way. Thank gawd for nanny cams! Jolly Tumuhiirwe, 22, was hired to care for 18-month-old Arnella Kamanzi. It wasn’t long before the parents noticed bruising on their precious daughter. They did the sensible thing — they installed a security camera to record their daughter and the nanny. On November 15, 2014, Eric Kamanzi returned to his residence.

Flores and Sugg
I consider the employees of the Marinello School of Beauty in Victorville, California to be heroes. They saved 3 children from abuse, torture and possible death. Kudos to them! The Marinello School of Beauty employees were on the ball on May 16, 2014, when Erik Austin Flores, 30, and his girlfriend Mariah Rita Sugg, 22, brought his three young children to the school.

Emma Frampton
I’ve recently learned that crime does pay in Bradford, England — at least for thieving bookkeepers. The particular thieving bookkeeper I’m writing about is Emma Frampton, whose sticky fingers nearly gutted her employer, Yorkshire Plating Services. You’re probably wondering why I’m spending my time writing about a crooked bookkeeper instead of another evil baby beater or rapist or murderer. I do admit it’s a change.

Angela Stoldt
I am tempted to think that Angela Faye Stoldt of Deltona, Florida, is a raving loon. What she did is beyond the realm of sanity, in my opinion, and beyond the realm of humanity. She acted like a beast born from the flames of hell. Yup, she’s a hell beast. Angela Faye Stoldt, a Florida mom, was angry with her neighbour, James Sheaffer. The guy had apparently asked her to act as the payee on his Social Security disability benefits, which she agreed to do — for money. They set up a joint account to make it possible.

Jason Scott McNeal
Not all criminals are criminal masterminds, thank goodness, and their stupidity can be almost amusing. Jason Scott McNeal of Huntsville, Alabama is no criminal mastermind. He’s a stupid, f*cktardian rapist, as a matter of fact, who obviously thinks more with his pecker than he does with his brain. Jason Scott McNeal went to a block party on O’Fallon Road. It was the 4th of July, 2013 and there was a whole lotta drinking going on. One woman in particular had too much to drink.

Donnie Anderson, William Antone Edwards, Demontt Allen, Michael Martin, Irkis Forrest, Sandy Brown, Edward Duckworth & Jennifer McDonald
I don’t know if you know this but in August 2013 there was the second largest dog fighting raid in U.S. history. The FBI and the US Attorney’s Office led the investigation which spanned across multiple states.

Archie Collicutt
This little beast scares me. Archie Collicutt is his name, and he looks like someone who you’d expect to see on a high school debating team or chess club. Pompous, self-opinionated maybe, with the air of superiority shared by a lot of teenagers. But this guy, Archie Collicutt of Wilcote Riding, Finstock, West Oxfordshire, UK, is no harmless high schooler. Nope, he’s a conniving, predatory and very dangerous pedophile. Archie Collicutt is now 18 years old, but he began his crime spree when he was only 16.

Robert Scott Jr
So here’s a question for you: how much money would it take for you to agree to make child porn with your child? Say you were really desperate for money — how much would be enough for you to molest your own child? I should hope your answer would be that nothing could ever entice you to do such a disgusting thing. Unfortunately for their children, at least 5 women from Virginia had a different answer.

Arthur Brokop
Arthur Robert Brokop of Farmington, New Mexico, just didn’t learn his lesson. That’s not surprising because he’s a pedophile, and pedophiles never change. Arthur Brokop was first exposed as a pedophile back in May 2002. The sick bastard worked as a substitute teacher at Esperanza Elementary in Farmington. He’d had no experience working in schools, but he was hired anyway. On May 8, 2002, there was a field trip for the first graders.

Anthony Novellino
Anthony Novellino, of Denville, New Jersey, told people his ex-wife, Judith, was a pig. He’d been married to the woman for 37 years before she divorced him. He last worked as a security guard in New Jersey, and she was a highly regarded high school English teacher and librarian. Obviously the woman contributed her fair share to the household, so why did he call her a pig? Apparently, Anthony Novellino was furious at the terms of the divorce.

Anthony Delagarza and Maryann Castorena
Jose Patricio Hernandez of Grand Haven, Michigan, was in love. The object of his affections was Maryann Castorena. I personally don’t see any particular beauty in the woman, but there’s no accounting for tastes. Jose Hernandez was smitten, and he wanted to marry her.

Dr Myles Bradbury
Pedophiles are sneaky bastards. Not all are disgusting creatures that hang around playgrounds to grab a child, although some are. Pedophiles often hide in plain sight, cloaked in respectability by working or volunteering in environments that naturally give them access to prospective victims. They are often commended for their “good works” with disadvantaged or vulnerable children. I’ve written about teachers, radio hosts, nurses, mayors, marines, police officers, priests and ministers.

Dr. Robert Ferrante
Forty-one-year-old neurologist, Dr. Autumn Klein, wanted a baby. She and her much older husband, Dr. Robert Ferrante, already had a 6-year-old daughter, but she wanted a sibling for her. I’m sure Dr. Autumn Klein felt her biological clock tick tick ticking away, making the likelihood of another child increasingly less possible. Dr. Klein may have wanted a second child, but her husband didn’t. Maybe he felt that, at 66, he was too damned old to be raising another child.

I used to work with special needs children way, way in the murky past. I met many young people with a variety of physical or mental disabilities, and the ones I most enjoyed were those with Down syndrome. Every single one I met was so cheerful, so full of love, joy and enthusiasms, that they made my day so much happier. I’m not saying that they were constantly happy.

April Cleary McGlamery
April Cleary McGlamery of Millers Creek, North Carolina, is a freak. No, I’m not talking about her appearance. In fact I shall do my best not to mention her appearance, because the fact she is one fugly female has little or nothing to do with her freakishness. Nope, April Cleary McGlamery is a freak because she sexually abused her own 6-year-old daughter. She’s an incestuous pedophile.

John Balyo
Evil comes in many guises, including Christian radio hosts. John Balyo, 35, of Grand Rapids, Michigan is most certainly evil incarnate. The loud and proud, married Christian was really a predatory pedophile in disguise. I can’t imagine the shock and horror his wife, his stepson, his friends and his employers felt when they learned that the man who posed as an upright, moral, religious man is in fact a vile sex offender who actively sought out children to exploit.

Miguel Mejia-Ramos
Deisy Garcia of Queens, New York, lived in fear of her husband, Miguel Mejia-Ramos, for months. She feared not only for her own life but for the lives of her two baby girls. She did what she could do, filing police reports in May 2013 and again in November 2013, but she filled them out in her native language — Spanish. The officers at the 103rd Precinct, including the officers in the Domestic Violence Unit, did not bother to translate her reports! WTFH!

Pearl Lady
A funny thing happened when I was about to post this latest Jane Doe. She was identified just days ago. I am pleased as heck that she’s no longer unclaimed, but I am admittedly a little chuffed that I couldn’t post my rendition of her face beforehand. It was suggested to me that I might as well post the article anyway. I am totally curious to see if recent pictures of the deceased woman exist so that I can compare my effort to her face when she was alive.

Steven Akers
Steven Edward Kaine Akers is a big, tough guy. Yeah, he’s really tough. He’s ready to duke it out with anybody, it seems — at least anybody who doesn’t have a chance of winning. I guess that’s why he beat up a 7-month-old baby boy — he doesn’t like to lose a fight. Well, Steven Edward Kaine Akers lost big-time — against adults, in a court of law. He is now a convicted baby beater. The big, tough guy once had a girlfriend, Olivia Rose Finney.

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