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Michael Souter
Michael Souter wants the world to believe he’s innocent, that he’s not a predatory pedophile who abused children over a 20-year period. Too bad for him the jury didn’t see it that way. Michael Souter, of Low Bungay Road in Loddon, UK, was somewhat of a celebrity in British media. He was a journalist and presenter at BBC Radio Norfolk. By all outward appearances he was a very respectable fellow. He became heavily involved in the Scouts in Norfolk.

Jo Jackson
Some people just don’t learn. They just keep doing stupid crap over and over and over again. But when their stupid crap kills people they damn well should learn! And IMO, if they don’t, they are hellbeasts. Jo Lynn Jackson of Fayetteville, Arkansas, is one such stupid creature. The lesson she won’t learn is to not drive while intoxicated. On September 22, 2011, 51-year-old Jo Jackson was drugged up on prescription pain pills and driving with her daughter in the car.

Vicente and Dorma Ridon

I don’t want to write this article. I’m in tears right now. Some stories have literally given me nightmares, and I’m pretty sure this one will too. The only reason I’m writing this one is because these hellbeasts are not alone — there are more like them out there who also need to be exposed for the evil, twisted bastards that they are.

Adam Lutz
Adam Donald Lutz of Michigan is one pathetic excuse for a son. The 46-year-old Waterford Township man was apparently anticipating the day his mother, Gloriann Lutz, would die and leave him his inheritance. But he wasn’t happy being a part of his mother’s trust. Oh no, he wanted to be the trustee. His mother had appointed his sister to be in charge of her financial affairs, and that made Adam Lutz very unhappy. See, Adam Lutz didn’t get along with his sister.

Denise Goodwin
The case of Denise Michelle Goodwin really stokes my rage because her victim was a vulnerable 88-year-old man. She was supposed to be a caregiver, but she chose to cold-bloodedly end a life for money. The victim, Gerald Eugene Rabourn, was a retired mapmaker from Rancho Bernardo, California. He wasn’t rich, but he’d been frugal all of his life. He’d managed to save enough money to pay his bills and leave a bequest to his daughter.

Deceased person photo

In March 1998 a woman’s body was found floating in the Cumberland River near Cleese’s Ferry in west Nashville. Unquestionably she was a murder victim because she’d been shot twice in the head. It’s been 16 years and she still hasn’t been identified. The woman was only about 5’2″ tall. She was slightly overweight at 170 pounds or so. She appeared to be between 45 and 55 years of age, more likely under 50. She was white with short, wavy, brown hair with blonde highlights. Her eyes were green and fringed with what I consider luxuriant eyelashes.

Heather Howell
Heather Ann Howell of Santa Rosa, California, killed Jesse Garcia on July 14, 2012. She didn’t set out to kill Jesse Garcia — she’d never even met the man — but what she did that fatal day almost certainly meant somebody would die. What she did was to become fairly intoxicated, downright furious and exceedingly stupid. Heather Ann Howell started the day off going to the hospital with her boyfriend, Tony Kraus, to visit her ailing mother. The couple later went to a bar called The Zoo and then headed home.

Mark Chudley
Mark Chudley, 39, of Mount Pleasant Road, Brixham, UK, is where he belongs — in prison. He’ll be sitting in his cosy cell for quite a while because he’s been sentenced to 20 years. I only wish he could have been imprisoned for life. Mark Chudley was a nurse in Torbay. He was a volunteer at a youth club in South Devon. He was also a predatory pedophile who attacked and raped very young girls. Children at the youth club had given Mark Chudley the nickname “perv” because of how he used to touch the girls.

Mazzola and Ottinger
Kalynn Marie Mazzola of Waynesboro, Virginia, sure picked a real manly man as her live-in boyfriend. Yup, Andrew Clay Ottinger was a real prize, considering he had once helped hide a murder victim’s body, and was convicted of beating a previous girlfriend’s child. To be fair, Kalynn Mazzola was a teenager with a baby daughter.

Mervyn Bell
Mervyn Kenneth Douglas Bell, of Broome, West Australia, deserves to suffer each and every day for the rest of his worthless, useless life. That’s my opinion, but I’m sure it’s shared by many who know of this hellbeast. He has inflicted so much pain that I’m sure a lifetime of him suffering won’t begin to make amends. On March 18, 2013, Mervyn Kenneth Douglas Bell was involved in a domestic dispute with his girlfriend, Tamica Mullaley. By that I mean he beat and injured the woman, the mother of his child. She had to be admitted to hospital.

Westby Jane Doe
It’s been a long time since I’ve tried my hand at putting a face to a Jane Doe, but that’s mostly because I am not finding pictures of skulls with mandibles to work with. Darn! But then a person suggested to me that I might try my hand at putting faces to dead people who weren’t skeletons when they were found. I decided to go for it. My first attempt is with Jane Doe from Westby, Wisconsin. This poor woman was found on May 4, 1984 by 3 young men. The body had been dumped beside Old Line Road, approximately 4 miles west of Westby.

Anthony Bruce
Sometimes I despair of British justice, and I don’t even live there. The case of Anthony Bruce reminds me why I’m glad I don’t live in Britain. Anthony Bruce, 34, of Chester-le-Street, County Durham, is a jobless welder. He’s also a wife beater. A nasty, vile wife beater to be precise. Domestic violence in the UK is no small matter. In 2012, according to Home Office figures, 1.2 million women were abused by their partners, with half a million sexually assaulted by their partners.

Tom Iles White
I don’t know much about Tom Iles White of Plano, Texas. I don’t know his occupation or his background. What I do know negates all of that. Tom Iles White is a pedophile — an incestuous one at that. What more do we need to know? Tom Iles White began his known pedophile career by showing a 4-year-old relative pornography. By the time she was 6 he began molesting her. For the next 6 years he forced that little girl to participate in sex acts multiples times per week. That poor little girl!

James Bull
There are times that I really worry about the kinds of people who share the planet with me. Today is one of those times, because today I learned about James Guy Bull of Daytona Beach, Florida. I really, really don’t want him on the same planet. James Guy Bull was arrested in March 2014. His neighbours were very worried about his 8-month-old pit bull puppy, Coco. The dog was yelping and “screaming” constantly, said one neighbour who got so fed up he went to the asshole’s home to see what was going on.

John Bidmead
John Bidmead, a retired lorry driver from Cullompton, Devon, UK, must be a record holder. His achievement isn’t laudable, or admirable in any way. What John Bidmead managed to do was accumulate over one million images and movies of child pornography. That’s right — over one million! That’s gotta be a record. Just how much of John Bidmead’s life was dedicated to this despicable hobby, I wonder. The pedo perv did admit to spending a decade collecting it.

Meri Jane Woods
Meri Jane Woods of Indiana County, Pennsylvania, fights dirty, really dirty. That’s not a good thing. It appears that when she wants to get even with someone she’s willing to break the law to do so. Her estranged husband, Matthew, sure found that out. Meri Jane Woods must have been absolutely, blazingly furious with her husband. I have no idea what on earth the guy had done to her, or what she blamed him for, but it doesn’t matter. The lengths she was willing to go to destroy his life is what matters.

Christina Regusters
I don’t know what demon infected Christina Regusters of Philadelphia, but it was a nasty one to be sure. At only 19 years of age, this female committed horrific crimes, apparently motivated by her own sick, twisted desires. Christina Regusters is a sexual deviant, a sadistic pedophile. She’d had no previous criminal record so she was able to pass sex-offender background checks.

Frank Stanley Jr
Frank Stanley Jr. of Hadley, Massachusetts, is a bad, bad man, and he’s going to be in prison a long, long time. I’m glad when things work out like that. It’s just a crying shame that there had to be victims of his crimes before he could be incarcerated. The victims of Frank Stanley Jr. were 3 young boys. Yup, Frank Stanley is a pedophile. Between 2004 and 2011, those 3 boys were repeatedly subjected to rape and abuse.

Buskirk and Crosley
When I read about murderers Jordan Wayne Buskirk and Randal Edward Crosley, I had to think about the notorious killers Leopold and Loeb. Nathan Leopold was highly intelligent, spoke 15 languages and had graduated from university with Phi Beta Kappa honors.

Tyler Holder
In the evening of July 1, 2013 the Saginaw, Texas Police Department responded to a 911 call stating that a body had been found. And yes, a body had indeed been found. Wrapped in a gray tarp and dumped beside the curb at the intersection of Round Rock Drive and Cindy Lane was the body of a tiny little girl. The poor, precious darling had been kidnapped and murdered. Her wrists and ankles were bound with red duct tape, and 4 white, plastic Wal-Mart trash bags were taped over her head with the same red duct tape.

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