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Robert Bill
Robert Bill, a former teacher from Wales, is a pernicious, predatory pedophile and kidnapper. That’s the bad news. The 59-year-old pedo perv has been sentenced to 20 years in prison. That’s the good news. Robert Bill, a Jehovah’s Witness from St Asaph, Wales, worked as a teacher and a playground designer. I, for one, am not surprised he chose occupations that allowed him to get into close proximity to children.

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Michael Mullen
On February 11, 2007, Casey Leigh Mullen of Leeds, UK died. She was only 2 years old. The little darling was known around her neighbourhood as Smiley or Smiler because she was so good-natured and happy. Casey Leigh Mullen was a much-loved and loving little girl. She lived a happy life in her home on Oak Tree Crescent, Gipton, with her mother, Samantha Canham, her father, David Mullen, and her 3-year-old brother.

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Kenneth Brandt
Kenneth H. Brandt, 39, of Troy, Ohio, was living a perfectly respectable and even commendable life, so it seemed. He ran a business, Brandt Insurance Services, and he was past president of the non-profit organization Miami County Foster Parents Inc. He was certified as a foster parent first in Miami County and later in Montgomery County, Ohio.

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Donnie Snook
Donnie Snook of Saint John, New Brunswick, sure fooled a whole lot of people. For years he has posed as a responsible, involved citizen. He was a municipal politician and a youth worker in New Brunswick. He ran the Chicken Noodle Club — a program that provides hot lunches to hundreds of needy children and their families. He was a foster parent for 25 years and an active volunteer in the community.

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Ricky Lewis
I’ve never visited Craigslist, much less posted a singles ad on it, and if there are monsters like Ricky Lewis, Brittiny Dick and Sally Deupree using it I definitely never will. In 2012, Brittiny Linne Dick of Vinita, Oklahoma, found herself lonesome and wanting a man. She was a 21-year-old single mom with a little girl.

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Jonathan and Sarah Adleta
When Jonathan Adleta of Florida began dating his future wife Sarah in 2008, he made it clear that although he was willing to have sex with her, she wasn’t his fantasy girl. To Jonathan Adleta his true fantasy girls would be his own daughters. Jonathan Adleta showed Sarah explicit stories about incest I guess to demonstrate he was not the only one who felt like that.

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Tanai Fortman
I cannot imagine what Tanai Fortman’s boyfriend thought when he checked the contents of her cell phone and tablet. He was kind of expecting to find evidence that his girlfriend was cheating on him. What he found instead was so bad it had him calling 911. See, Tanai Fortman, 32, of Springboro, Ohio, didn’t keep evidence of an affair on her cell phone and tablet. What she did keep were five 30-second video clips of her in sexually explicit situations with a 4-year-old girl.

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Truong and Newton
Mark J. Newton and his boyfriend Peter Truong, originally of Queensland, Australia, are filthy, disgusting pedophiles. There’s no wrapping it up to make it pretty. They were both active members of the Boy Lovers network, an international child porn syndicate. They produced and shared their own hardcore child pornography.

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James and Roxanne Murphy
Sometimes, one just has to wonder…what the fuck possesses people? What on earth makes some people do what they do? Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that we’ll ever get an answer with this next case – it sounds as if the parents in question are some of the most fucked up individuals ever. And I mean ever. The good news is that nobody died – thankfully.

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Ronald William Brown
Ronald William Brown of Largo, Florida, scares me because he’s a monster in the making. I’m afraid that some time in the future we’ll be reading about acts of unbelievable barbarity he’ll have committed. For now, he’s in prison, thank goodness, but his kind never changes for the better. He is a pedophile who wants to graduate to become a cannibal. Ronald William Brown was stopped in his tracks by Operation Holitna, an investigation by Homeland Security.

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Pedophile Robert Albert Bell
People of London, Ontario, a pedophile is in your midst. Robert Albert Bell, 57, has been convicted of molesting children 15 times and is considered a high risk to reoffend. He is 300 pounds in a wheelchair, but that doesn’t mean he’s harmless. He wants people to think he’s harmless — especially parents of young children.

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Pedophile Robin Malka
This is Robin Malka, 38, a fitness trainer from southwest London. I beg all of you ladies out there not to start a relationship with him. Don’t date him, don’t associate with him, and especially don’t breed with him! See, Robin Malka wants to be a father more than anything, especially a father of little girls, but not so he can play happy families. No, Robin Malka’s plan is to breed baby girls for him to have sex with.

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Hellbeast Thomas Neal Tait
I like Circuit Judge Humes J. Franklin Jr of Virginia. He’s my kind of judge. I’m sure Thomas Neal Tait of Waynesboro, Virginia isn’t too fond of him, though. Judge Franklin handed the pedo bastard Thomas Neal Tait a whole lot more justice than was asked for. Thomas Neal Tait had pled guilty in September 2011 to 20 counts of possession of child porn, the disgusting bastard.

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Daniel and Alisha Hall
Hellbeast Daniel Hall, 25, and his hellbitch wife Alisha Hall, 26, learned the hard way that infants are not sex toys. The Mt. Morris, Michigan couple had to be taught that because they apparently had no qualms about sexually assaulting their own 6-month-old daughter.

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Hellbeast Phillip Morton
Sometimes you just have to celebrate the fact that there are some hellbeasts out there who are so freaking stupid they make justice inevitable and easy. Phillip Morton, 56, of Immingham, is one such moronic hellbeast. Phillip Morton is a pedophile who had 2 great passions in his life — child porn being one, and a teenaged girl being the other. In February 2012 Humberside police got a tip.

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Hellbeast Lisa Biron
Some people should never be allowed to be parents. They might be too sadistic, too perverted, too narcissistic, or just plain too evil. Lisa Biron, 43, of Manchester, New Hampshire, should never have been allowed to be a parent. My conclusion has nothing to do with Lisa Biron being a lawyer — some perfectly nice people are lawyers.

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Mystery Pedophile/Child Pornographer
Did anyone recognize this woman? Yes! The FBI announced that they have arrested Corrine Danielle Motley, 25, in Florida. She was picked up less than 24 hours after they appealed to the public for help finding the disgusting pedophile. She is facing federal charges for the production and distribution of child pornography. Danish police had discovered an Internet video that showed a woman having explicit sex with a small child.

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Hellbeast Warwick Spinks
He is called the “Pied Piper of Pedophiles” because of his reputed ability to provide young boys to sex tourists. He is a violent pedophile who has drugged, kidnapped, abused and sold young boys. He is Warwick Spinks, 48, and his depravity has spanned 3 decades and many countries. Warwick Spinks originally came from Greenwich, south-east London.

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Hellbeast Benjamin Capelin
Benjamin Capelin is what my blessed mother would have called a “real piece of work” — that’s pretty much the closest she got to swearing. I call him a monstrous shitstain pedophile. And a cowardly f*cktard too. In 2010 West Sussex police got a tip from Luxembourg police about somebody accessing and exchanging child pornography on a website they’d closed down. That somebody accessed the filthy shit from the Paradise Pets store in Shoreham High Street.

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Hellbeast Kenneth KyleHellbeast Tessa Vanvlerah
Kenneth Kyle met Tessa Vanvlerah online in 2009. He was 46 and she was 20. He lived in San Francisco and she lived in a suburb of St. Louis. He was a professor of public affairs and administration at California State University, and she was a young mother. These two individuals apparently found they had something in common, something sick.

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