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cleo On October - 6 - 2011

Michael Adamson
Don’t you just hate it when, after you go through all the effort to kill your wife and bury her body, your own damn dog digs up the corpse? Michael Adamson knows what that’s like.

And it got worse for Michael Adamson because after the dog dug her up, he proudly brought Michael a souvenir of his adventure — Delphine Adamson’s hand. And don’t you know Michael Adamson had a visitor when this grisly presentation was made.

I can only imagine the conversation between the two men after that.

“Uh, Michael? Uh, what’s that your dog’s carrying in his mouth? … Is that a … a HAND? … Uh, gotta go. Bye.”

And then after that Michael Adamson’s life kinda sorta went down the crapper. Investigators arrived at the tiny primitive cabin in the bush outside Chelmsford, Ontario and very quickly uncovered the remaining remains of Delphine Adamson. She was a mere 50 metres from the cabin, placed in a shallow grave. Seems like Michael Adamson didn’t really put all that much effort into the body disposal portion of the murder. Lazy bastard.

Delphine and Michael Adamson had only been married a few months. Wedded bliss wasn’t so blissful, I guess. Some might think they had little in common, what with the 39-year gap in their ages. Delphine was 62 when she was murdered, and her murderer was all of 23.

Now I’m an older broad, and I can tell you readers that lots of older broads are HOT (not me unhappily) so don’t judge! Delphine’s mistake was not in marrying a much younger man but rather in marrying a lazy, greedy, homicidal bastard.

Delphine was the mother of ten, and a grandmother several times over. She’d packed a lot of life into the life she led before she met Michael. She was well loved and is much missed by her friends and family.

Michael Adamson’s life before Delphine wasn’t so great. He started boozing at age 12 and doing drugs by 15. And in 1997 he was convicted of using a firearm during a robbery and spent 25 months in the penitentiary. Just the sort of person you’d want your mom to marry — not! No, I have to think that this odd couple was a truly odd coupling.

According to Michael Adamson, he and Delphine shared a love of nature and the woods. (And presumably each other?) It was Delphine who popped the question and they married on September 14, 2000.

The newlyweds lived in a basement apartment in Sudbury, and often headed out to the tiny cabin in the woods to commune with the nature they loved.

According to Michael Adamson, Delphine didn’t want him to work. Riiiight. She wanted them both to live off of her teeny tiny income and his social assistance. Riiiight. But then money problems surfaced and the tiny income became a big issue. I’m thinking he was just a lazy, greedy bastard.

Michael Adamson had to find a way to get his hands Delphine’s income without having to share it with Delphine, and he found his answer at the cabin.

On January 29, 2001 (that’s after an entire four months of marriage) Michael Adamson bludgeoned his elderly bride to death with an axe. And since she loved nature so much, her murderer thoughtfully arranged for her to become one with the landscape.

Only he didn’t dig a hole deep enough or far enough away from the cabin because he was a lazy bastard!

And so Michael was so remorseful and grief stricken that he carried on with his life, driving Delphine’s truck and spending Delphine’s money, hanging out at the cabin/murder scene with the dog.

And when anyone asked about Delphine, he lied. When her worried family asked about her, he lied. When the police asked about his missing wife, he lied. Delphine Adamson had previously gone walkabout for three days and returned under her own steam, so that’s what she was doing this time, according to her husband.

Despite suspicions, nothing could be proven until May 1st, 2001 when his husky became a retriever and brought Delphine’s hand back to Michael and friend.

Michael Adamson was charged with 1st degree murder.

Defense counsel Donald Plaunt told the court he pleaded with his client to plead not guilty as there were many “triable” issues, but Michael Adamson was “awash in anguish over the events” and wouldn’t heed his advice “and wanted to come out in the open and accept responsibility” for his actions.

Michael Adamson pleaded guilty to 2nd degree murder.

Assistant Crown attorney Alex Kurke said Adamson’s murder was not only brutally violent, but she left behind so many loved ones who were left with feelings of anger, bitterness and frustration at not having a chance to say goodbye. Too true.

Justice Ian Gordon awarded Michael Adamson a life sentence with no chance of parole for ten years. And that, dear readers, is THIS YEAR. The killer’s previous conviction for the armed robbery will make it somewhat unlikely he’ll get parole as soon as that. Good!

I, for one, am hoping that this lazy, greedy, murdering asshole will continue to rot in prison until he finds himself rotting in hell. And I pray that if Michael Adamson gets out, he won’t find another woman willing to become his bride. He’s shown himself much too willing to make that “til death do us part” part happen if and when it suits him.

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  1. moodymagic says:

    Rot in Hell Mikey!

  2. 2cute says:

    Hey Bulldoggy check this one out! The dog is the hero this time and not the victim! Is Michael Adamson out of prison now? He should rot in hell!

    • bulldoggy says:

      My Charlie would appreciate this story — the dog uncovers the crime and helps put the bad guy away! That’s loyalty! Geez louise what was poor Delphine thinking when she hooked up with this major loser? I just hope the poor gal didn’t see it coming.

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