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cleo On April - 3 - 2013

Pedophile Robin Malka
Crime: Pedophile

See this guy? This is Robin Malka, 38, a fitness trainer from Clapham, southwest London. I beg all of you ladies out there not to start a relationship with him. Don’t date him, don’t associate with him, and especially don’t breed with him, please! See, Robin Malka wants to be a father more than anything, especially a father of little girls, but not so he can play happy families. No, Robin Malka’s plan is to breed baby girls for him to have sex with.

In case you haven’t guessed it yet, Robin Malka is a predatory pedophile hellbeast. He thinks having sexual relationships with babies and children is a “natural and beautiful thing”.

The monstrous Malka had been sentenced in April 2006 at Miami Circuit Court to a year in prison with 10 years probation. That sentence was for the possession of indecent images. Guess what kind of images those were.

Robin Malka since became an active member of Internet groups such as “family fun incest” and “all about incest”. He was seeking out and finding kindred spirits and contacts. The members of these groups apparently swap photos and stories and share fantasies and experiences. Sick bastards!

The only good thing about these pedo Internet groups is they provide police investigators the opportunity to track and ensnare these monstrous individuals. They do so by portraying themselves as like-minded perverts and infiltrating these secret societies.

That’s what brought about the arrest of Robin Malka. The French-born pedophile went by the username ‘dom4padeomom’ in his online discussions with fellow pedos. He’d placed an advertisement on a forum asking other pedos to help him rape young children. I assume he wanted their help in procuring them, not in the “deed” itself.

The advertisement got the attention of ‘Stevie’ and ‘Craig’. Sadly for him but great news for the rest of us, Stevie and Craig were undercover officers.

While chatting with Stevie, he made it explicitly clear he was interested in sex with children, and that he’d molested at least one child. Geez I hope that child is all right and safe now.

Stevie suggested at that point she should introduce him to her friend Craig who had 2 children — aged 3 and 5. And so came about an online conversation on November 6, 2012, between Robin Malka and Craig. Robin Malka spoke explicitly about raping Craig’s 2 little girls. I guess the thought of raping a 3-year-old and a 5-year-old was irresistable to Robin the pedo perv Malka.

On November 7, 2012, he sent Stevie 28 very sick and disgusting images of babies and toddlers being raped. He thought she’d appreciate them.

“He said how he would love to try just about anything with Craig’s children and spoke with Stevie about having a baby girl and specific sexual positions while have sex that will give you more chance of having a baby girl,” said Prosecutor Peter Zinner at the sick bastard’s trial at Southwark Crown Court.

Robin Malka wasn’t satisfied with just talking about raping small children though. He wanted to actually do it. That’s what his advertisement was all about, remember? Stevie and Craig set about getting him not what he wanted but what he needed — a date with justice.

On November 13, 2012, Robin Malka headed from his home on Cranmer Road in Kennington to Mile End Tube station in east London. He thought he was going to get a “date” with a child. I bet he was salivating the whole trip.

Needless to say there was no child waiting for him. Instead he walked into the arms of the law. Yay!

His date with justice came on April 2, 2013. Robin Malka admitted possessing 721 indecent images that included level 5 (the worst level) movies and pictures. Yup, the disgusting bastard had collected movies and pictures of sadism and bestiality with small children and babies.

Robin Malka also admitted in court to distributing more than 30 movies and photos.

Prosecutor Zinner said, “It is clear from what police established through e-chat conversations that he is a real threat to children. The content was sexually explicit and leaves one in no doubt that Mr Malka was not only sexually interested in children but that he had abused a child before.”

Pedo Robin MalkaRobin Malka’s attorney, Charles Shelton, said his client was a ‘troubled’ individual who had a rocky relationship with his mother. Yeah, blame his mother! Typical!

“This was the very unpleasant blurring of fantasy and reality and some doubt must be attached to whether further steps would have been taken,” said Mr Shelton.

Doubt about further steps? The baby-raping bastard traveled to Mile End Tube station to meet up with a child he was planning to rape! Who on this planet has any doubts he would have taken further steps?

For arranging the commission of a child sex offence, Robin Malka was sentenced to 4 years in prison, which apparently under new sentencing guidelines can be extended to 8 years. Damn I like those new guidelines!

For possessing child porn, Robin Malka got 12 months to be served concurrently. For 10 charges of distributing child porn, he got 2 years to be served concurrently. And to top it all off, Robin Malka is being placed on the sex offenders register for life.

So ladies of Kennington, watch out for this pedo bastard when he gets out in 4 years. I doubt he’ll have changed his mind about breeding daughters for sex. May he rot in prison instead!

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