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cleo On January - 3 - 2012

Hellbeast Klara MauerovaCrimes: torture, child abuse, pedophilia, cannibalism

Just imagine, you have a brand new baby so you buy a brand new wireless video baby monitor so you can keep a constant eye on your precious little bundle. You plug in your monitor and switch it on with full expectations of seeing your darling baby safe and sound in his crib. Instead you get an image of a naked, bound and gagged young boy. This is precisely what happened in Brno in the Czech Republic in May of 2007.

The horrified owner of the new baby monitor immediately called the police. Having recognized the boy as being his neighbour’s son Ondrej, he directed the police to Klara Mauerova’s house. On May 10, 2007, police paid a visit to Klara Mauerova and her sister Katerina. They spotted a wireless video monitor in the kitchen — the source of the mixed up signal. They also found a locked door that darling Klara wouldn’t open. The police busted it open and found 7-year-old Ondrej, bloodied, terrified and a victim of horrific abuse.

Police removed from this house of torture Ondrej, his 9-year-old brother Jakub and a teenaged girl named Anna. Finally the abuse was ended and the monstrous depravity and evil were exposed to the light of day. The sheer horror of it all is unimaginable.

Klara and Katerina and other family members belonged to a bizarre cult, the Grail Movement. This was not good news for Ondrej and Jakub. These two boys were designated to become slaves to the cult and their wills had to be broken.

Klara, the loving mother, and Katerina, the doting auntie, went about breaking the boys’ wills with nothing short of torture. Eight months of torture apparently. Cigarettes were stubbed out on the boys’ flesh. Belts were used to whip them. The boys were almost drowned. They were sexually abused. They were kept in cages or handcuffed to tables for long periods. They were forced to stand in their own urine for days and days. The boys were also forced to cut themselves with knives. Forced to by their own relatives!

Mauerova familyOndrej the poor little guy was subjected to even worse torture. He was chained and locked up in the cellar for six months, gagged to stop his screaming. And Ondrej had good reason to scream. Those two hell bitches Klara and Katerina actually skinned one of his arms. Reports vary at this point as to whether the raw flesh was forced down Ondrej’s throat or if the family members ate it. Regardless, this poor boy’s skin was eaten.

Klara and Katerina kept an eye on their prisoner with that wireless video monitor in the kitchen. Thank God the neighbour got the identical monitor and received the signal from the Mauerova house or Ondrej and Jakub would have surely been tortured to death.

I can’t even comprehend how a mother could even consider inflicting such terrible pain and injuries on her own children much less doing it. Klara Mauerova is a hellbeast in her own league.

Hellbeast Barbora SkrlovaBut what of the Anna teenaged girl that was rescued along with Ondrej and Jakub? She almost immediately disappeared and upon investigation it became very apparent to the police why she went into hiding. This teenager turned out to be 34-year-old Barbora Skrlova, another member of the cult and another abuser of the boys!

Barbora Skrlova was being groomed to take a leading role in the sect. Apparently the cult wanted this tiny woman to become an object of worship.

Bizarrely, court proceedings had taken place that allowed Klara Mauerova to formally adopt this “teenager” as her daughter. Barbora used the identity of the daughter of yet another cult member to make it possible.

Barbora Skrlova had been taken to a children’s home after her “rescue” and she had immediately run away to Norway. She unbelievably posed as a teenaged boy once there. Czech police tracked her down and returned her to the Czech Republic to face trial along with Klara, Katerina and other members of the family.

Klara Mauerova, the hellbeast torturer mother, was brought to trial. She cried and sobbed and wept all through it. Poor Klara — f*cking bitch. She admitted her guilt, but blamed Barbora Skrlova and Katerina Mauerova for manipulating her into torturing her own boys. She also claimed that they had received instructions from the “Doctor” — an unnamed/unknown member of the cult who sent text messages with directions as to how to abuse Ondrej and Jakub.

Hmmm, do I believe they were acting under the orders of the “Doctor” person? Do I believe there is a “Doctor” who had control over these sick bitches? Uh…. no. IMHO it was just a gambit to push the blame onto someone else.

Unbelievably the hellbeast Klara Mauerova received a whopping sentence of 9 years! Nine years only for torturing, sexually abusing, and nearly murdering her boys!

Katerina the hellbeast torturer aunt got a sentence of 10 years. Barbora Skrlova got 5 years. Other cult members Hana Basova and Jan Skrla got 7 years each and Jan Turek got 5 years.

Czech justice is pretty lax in my opinion. For sexually abusing those boys alone they should have gotten life! For skinning little Ondrej’s arm they should have gotten life! Klara Mauerova, the mother, should have gotten a harsher sentence than the rest of them just because as the mother it was her role to protect these boys from harm!

So Klara, Katerina, Barbora, Hana and the two Jans, rot in hell. And I pray that Ondrej and Jakub recover fully and lead happy peaceful lives.

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